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Do you have a business that has the ability to scale but needs to increase lead flow and close rates? We are experts in lead generation and call center optimization. Let’s chat!

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High conversion with multiple touchpoints

Lead Generation

We generate leads through multiple sources. We’ve built up a database of qualified candidates we leverage for lead generation and look-a-like list building. Over the years we developed many on-going relationships that depend on timing and the right fit but lead to new franchisees for your company.

Generate Interest

We will with our partners to create a script that is both compelling and highlights the strong points of your company. The majority of our leads require multiple touchpoints before they are ready to begin the process and that’s what we are experts at.

Nurturing leads

When we hand your sales team a lead we want it to be both hot off the press and educated about the opportunity. We nurture leads through calls, text, emails, voice drops, and social channels. We build a strong relationship that benefits your conversion rates.


Once the lead is handed to your team we will follow periodically to ensure they feel communication is strong and they aren’t left with unanswered questions. Our data shows this can increase conversions rates more than 15%.

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Not everyone is the right fit with our team. We work with companies with high growth potential who are ready to take on more leads and sales. We have the ability to flood your team with high quality leads but we take that relationship seriously. It’s important that your team has the capacity to take on more leads and is available for live transfers and respond quickly to lead notifications. We see an 80% drop off on appointment rates if new leads aren’t contacted within 5 minutes.

Marketing with Transparency

Track your ROI in real-time with our custom marketing dashboard

Our custom dashboard makes insights-driven decisions faster and easier with an intelligent data and analytics platform for marketing, sales, and e-commerce. We create transparency so you have access to the data we are leveraging to optimize your marketing campaigns.


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76% of marketing budgets are wasted

Are you tracking your marketing spend from A-Z? Many of our clients get stuck in using old marketing techniques or leveraging stagnant campaigns before working with Persona. As the effectiveness fades over time, so does your ROI. Let us refresh your marketing and start scaling your business.

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